Settling an Ante using a smart contract

In order to settle an Ante with a smart contract you first need to write a settlement contract. This contract is responsible for determining the winning side of the Ante and must implement the IAnteSettlement interface.

/// @title The interface for a AnteSettlement smart contract
interface IAnteSettlement {
    enum WinningSide {

    /// @notice Settles the outcome of a given commitment
    /// @param data Arbitrary data used to determine the outcome
    /// @return the winning side
    function settle(bytes memory data) external returns (WinningSide);

Examples of settlement contracts:

Settling by token priceSettle by stablecoin depeg

You have to be careful about what the settle function returns because the return value constitutes a definitive result. For example, if your commitment is outside of the settlement window you might want to revert instead of returning a definitive result.

After you have written and deployed your settlement contract on Base, you can then fill in the smart contract address as the settler address when creating your Ante.

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