Security & Trust

Disclaimer: is in BETA. Do not stake more than you are willing to lose.

Trust assumptions

Trust assumptions for staking claims via fall into two main categories:

Judge risk

  • Judges can be subjective and make a “wrong” decision that Ante participants don’t agree with

  • Judges can also participate in an Ante — this could result in scenarios where a Judge defects due to economic reasons (coming soon: gated Antes)

Smart contract risk

Compared to manual escrow, using substitutes 3rd-party escrow risk for smart contract risk.

The smart contract is:

  • Is immutable (non-upgradeable)

  • Has no owner or admin functions

  • Holds funds noncustodially

  • A previous version of the smart contract was audited; current version is pending audit (soon!)

However, as always, you should exercise appropriate caution when interacting with smart contracts and never deposit more than you are willing to lose.

Responsible disclosure

Previously undiscovered bugs can be submitted to for a guaranteed response from the team. Ante will follow up within 48 hours to acknowledge the disclosure and discuss next steps. Eligibility for existing bug bounty programs (e.g. Immunefi) will not be voided by communicating with

Any vulnerabilities should not be disclosed publicly or to other parties until the Ante team has had a chance to triage and address the vulnerability. All testing or proof of concepts should be done on private testnets, and must not have already been exploited for damage.

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