Settling an Ante

Antes can be settled by a single judge or smart contract chosen by the author.

Settlement by judge

Judge can settle the Ante any time after the settlement period starts by providing a digital signature specifying the winning side. This does not cost the judge anything.

Any participant can then take the judge's signature and pay gas to settle the Ante.

Who can be a judge?

Anyone with an EOA wallet address can be a judge. The judge does not need to own any crypto and signing the outcome does not cost them gas.

What if the judge doesn't settle the Ante?

If the judge has not settled the Ante by the end of the settlement period, anyone can withdraw their stake from the Ante, canceling the Ante. Until the first withdrawal, the judge can still settle the Ante.

Can I change judges?

No, the judge is currently set when the Ante is created and cannot be changed or added.

Settlement by smart contract

Antes can be settled by smart contracts that reference other smart contracts or chain state (for example, checking if the token balance of a particular wallet has plunged).

To learn how to write an Ante settlement contract, read our developer guide.

Note: settlement contracts can be arbitrarily written and may contain trust assumptions (oracles, multisigs, etc.). Settlement contract writers are encouraged to document these, and users should be careful around settlement contracts they don't understand.

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